Wouldn’t it be Amazing?

By Banksy
By Banksy

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all decided that all weapons of mass destruction—especially the most damaging, long-term ones that poison the environment for thousands of years and make people suffer needlessly for generations upon generations—were a really stupid idea?

And that we would have nothing to do with an unsustainable and enormously harmful technology that not only takes more energy, money, and time to clean up than the energy it could potentially provide; but for the limited benefits of which we burden all of our succeeding generations with the Sisyphean task of trying to dispose of lethal and carcinogenic radioactivity, when no known containment medium exists?

And wouldn’t it be amazing if, instead, we looked to the sun, the wind, and the water for our earth-friendly needs?

Wouldn’t it also be amazing if we tuned out of the paranoid drivel that makes us suspect and hate other people, and, instead of assuming the worst and making enemies, we assumed the best and made friends?

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one …

Fuel-rod cooling halted by rats at crippled nuclear plant

Nuclear fuel for thought …


nuclear rats

Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant halted cooling of a spent fuel pool at the site on Monday to remove two dead rats, the third time cooling equipment has gone offline in five weeks because of rodents.

Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power said it halted cooling of the No. 2 unit pool, which stores spent uranium fuel rods at the Fukushima Daiichi site, for a few hours to remove the rats and install a net to stop further such intrusions.

Last month, Tepco lost power to cool fuel rods for 29 hours, an outage it later blamed on a rat that had shorted a temporary switchboard.

Two weeks later, workers attempting to install a net tripped the system again…

Monday’s incident follows a string of mishaps including four leaks of contaminated water from underground storage pits.

The problems at the plant, 240 km north of Tokyo, attracted a rebuke from the…

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Sending the Masses into Space

Photo courtesy NASA

Click here to see how Sweden is bringing astronomy to the public. They are moving an observatory to a shopping mall in Gothenburg so that everyone can get interested in the study of space. How wonderfully innovative!

Spacemen in My Backyard

Full Scorpio Moon
Full Scorpio Moon

Do you believe in synchronicity? I live by it. An example just occurred: After a very busy day and night, I returned home, ate a late dinner, and at 9:01 p.m., opened my email and saw an article from my local Patch newspaper. It said

“Look Up At 9:02 p.m. Wednesday:
It’s The International Space Station!”

I didn’t have enough time to read more; I called my entire family to come out to the back of the house, and we looked up. Directly overhead, a large, bright object, looking like an oversized planet, began gliding from the northwest, heading southeast toward an almost full moon. We knew without a doubt what it was. It took less than a minute for it to make its traverse, before fading into the bright orb of the large, partially risen moon.

After the ISS had passed, I came back into the house and followed the links in the article to the Universe Today (another WordPress blog–click the link to read it) from where you can link to an app to determine the exact trajectory of the ISS over your neighborhood. I learned a lot about the space station, excited to know that it is host to astronauts from 16 countries, performing all kinds of research in space, that it travels at an average speed of 17,227 miles per hour, at an altitude between 207 and 225 miles above the earth.  I also learned that it takes about 90 minutes to orbit the earth, and that you can see it circle up to three times in one day– it never takes the exact same path more than once, and is visible from any given spot on the earth once every 6 weeks. The cool part is that my family and I actually saw it!

And for those who are astrologically inclined, I got another interesting piece of information from another WordPress blog: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio — April 25th, 2013, advising that a lot of recycling and re-ordering of love/relationship energy is favored. Growth, learning, and humility are all the order of the day.

There’s a lot going on up there.

Recent Wetland Birds

Egret  © 2013 Anne Campagnet-Reed
© 2013 Anne Campagnet-Reed
Sunning Cormorant © 2013 Anne Campagnet-Reed
Sunning Cormorant © 2013 Anne Campagnet-Reed
© 2013 Anne Campagnet-Reed

All of these birds were in a good mood and willingly posed for their portraits. It was a beautiful Sunday near the San Francisco Bay.

Digital Longing

I’m missing my computer:

I took it to the shop—

because it made a snoring noise;

for months it wouldn’t stop.

I couldn’t tear myself away

from surfing and email,

from researching curriculum

and blogging without fail,

And so the snoring, it got worse

until at last, last night

it turned high-pitched and frenzied

and it gave me quite a fright.

I didn’t dare respond

to the email I was reading,

Instead I clicked the Shut Down tab,

(found safety in retreating).

I didn’t know what horrors lay

behind that ratchet noise;

I softly prayed to the Apple god

that I wouldn’t lose my toys.

Today I brought my suffering friend

to the infirmary

where cybernetic maladies

can find recovery.

A brief chat with the “genius” doc

assured me not to grieve,

but so she could recuperate,

my good friend I did leave,

“Only for two days or so,”

said Doc with deadpan face,

(He did not realize, of course,

I’d feel so out of place

without my dear companion

who shares my every thought,

my confidences and despairs,

my joys, my loves: the lot.)

So here I sit at someone else’s

borrowed keyboard, triste,

anticipating anxiously

next Wednesday, at the least.