Digital Longing

I’m missing my computer:

I took it to the shop—

because it made a snoring noise;

for months it wouldn’t stop.

I couldn’t tear myself away

from surfing and email,

from researching curriculum

and blogging without fail,

And so the snoring, it got worse

until at last, last night

it turned high-pitched and frenzied

and it gave me quite a fright.

I didn’t dare respond

to the email I was reading,

Instead I clicked the Shut Down tab,

(found safety in retreating).

I didn’t know what horrors lay

behind that ratchet noise;

I softly prayed to the Apple god

that I wouldn’t lose my toys.

Today I brought my suffering friend

to the infirmary

where cybernetic maladies

can find recovery.

A brief chat with the “genius” doc

assured me not to grieve,

but so she could recuperate,

my good friend I did leave,

“Only for two days or so,”

said Doc with deadpan face,

(He did not realize, of course,

I’d feel so out of place

without my dear companion

who shares my every thought,

my confidences and despairs,

my joys, my loves: the lot.)

So here I sit at someone else’s

borrowed keyboard, triste,

anticipating anxiously

next Wednesday, at the least.



Author: Writewireless

I am a thinker, educator, and writer, who teaches English, French, design, and career skills. My articles and posts about being human, teaching, careers, parenting, travel, and world affairs have been published in various newsletters, websites, and blogs. I currently teach and inspire young people to write and to explore the world.

2 thoughts on “Digital Longing”

  1. This is great! I know the feeling well. My computer decided to destroy itself in the midst of my thesis, senior year. When I brought that thing over to the genius bar, it truly was an emergency.

    I am impressed by the way you’ve managed to tackle this subject with a very obvious command of meter and diction. Although the subject matter may not be the most profound, the result really tells of the writer behind the blog.

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