Missed My Camera!

What a difference a lens makes. While I never claimed to be a professional photographer, I was really happy with my Canon Power Shot ELPH 110HS. I could point and shoot almost anywhere, and take decent videos, even with seemingly no light, and the lens would adjust to the light conditions, focus, and–voila! It zoomed from macro-like close-ups to a very wide angle. All I had to do was frame the shot. I LOVED that camera. It really seemed like an intelligent machine.

Then, on a family camping trip last July, the unthinkable happened: not respecting the delicacy of the viewscreen, I (or someone) cracked it. And then it stopped working. I was distraught. After three months of mourning, I brought it back to Best Buy. I had the 2-year warranty, after all. They, of course, no longer carried the same model, and I settled for another model, still Canon, still the ELPH line, but this time, it was the 130IS. The focus was not as clear, the lighting corrections not as agile, and the pictures just lacked a certain crispness. Then I found that it had a light leak: if shooting into or close to a strong light source (I always push the limits in getting an image), a vertical streak of white light would appear right through the picture. What a disappointment! Back to the store.

I finally decided to look for the 110HS online. I found one on eBay–brand new, reputable seller–and ordered it. I am back in business, getting great shots again, and feeling that all is right with the world again–at least as far as my photos are concerned.

This is a great camera for anyone who is artsy but doesn’t want to mess around with an SLR–all the learning, the time it takes to set up a shot, and the bulk. It is flexible, reliable, and infinitely portable. This model is the one. I feel like I’m reunited with my true love.

Author: Writewireless

I am a thinker, educator, and writer, who teaches English, French, design, and career skills. My articles and posts about being human, teaching, careers, parenting, travel, and world affairs have been published in various newsletters, websites, and blogs. I currently teach and inspire young people to write and to explore the world.

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