Quantum Physics, Bad Farts, and Job Interviews

A refreshing view of how people affect one another. Guest blogger Muselle Kamal’s interpretation of “quantum physics” is interesting.

From Under the Pages

Chain Link Fence

By Muselle Kamal,
Guest Blogger

Why is it that we always think we look horrible right now, and a few years later we look back and think, “Wow, I looked pretty good”? It’s an inescapable truth. And probably, if someone looked at us right now, they’d think we were pretty nice looking—I mean, looking good, but also that we looked like a nice person.  Quick tip: as you’re browsing through iPhoto, make sure you have removed all pictures of yourself more recent than 3 years old… or if you’re over 40, make that 5 years. That way, you can look back and still think you look pretty good. And then by the time you see how you look NOW, you’ll really be old and ugly, and you’ll think that how you look NOW looked pretty darn good!

So I’ve been having a day like that. I tend to not like…

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Author: Writewireless

I am a thinker, educator, and writer, who teaches English, French, design, and career skills. My articles and posts about being human, teaching, careers, parenting, travel, and world affairs have been published in various newsletters, websites, and blogs. I currently teach and inspire young people to write and to explore the world.

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