Synchronicity & The America’s Cup


OK, I blogged about synchronicity recently with regard to the International Space Station (see Spacemen in my Backyard), but I didn’t really define it. I’m not going to go look it up in the dictionary right now (but feel free, if you want to); instead I will describe what that term means to me. It means being so in tune with the time/space/eventuality continuum that, instead of planning for things ahead of time, things just seem to happen for you at the right moment. Just what you want/need/have been hoping for, falls into your lap, or presents itself, without any outward effort on your part.*(See metaphysical footnote, below.)

A close relative once said that our family is blessed with this kind of coincidental serendipity, almost as if it were a supernatural gift. That family member labeled this charactieristic “intuition.” It is knowing without measuring, arriving without planning, obtaining without struggling. It is the ability to materialize what you need when you need it, like good “parking karma” in a congested urban environment. My rationalization is that it derives from a state of openness and listening, a state I like to call being “centered.”

It’s useful to have good intuition, especially if you don’t have a lot of money or time to waste. It’s nice to be at the right place at the right time to get bargains on the food and other things you need, to get free tickets to Giants games or symphony concerts, to have friends who can fix your car or your house for a reasonable price. My family is blessed with these things. So even if we can’t afford luxuries like cable TV, we get by with good intuition, parking karma, and a little help from our friends.

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