Klaatu barada nikto!

Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer attests that at least four species of extraterrestrials have been visiting earth for thousands of years, and some are living with us in the Nevada desert, kept under wraps by the military, and helping the U.S. government develop zero-point energy and cold fusion. He has a lot to say on the subject of earth-extraterrestrial relations and about how we should manage our own planetary affairs; check out the video above to hear it.

Have you seen the movie Paul (2011)? It’s about an extraterrestrial who has been living in Roswell, New Mexico since his spacecraft crash-landed, and who hitches a ride with two overgrown “kids” attending a ComiCon festival. It’s a really funny film. It may be based on more that pure imagination. Whether you believe what Hellyer says or not, his message about saving the planet (so we can continue to live on it) and working for peace on earth and acceptance of other races (terrestrial or other) makes a lot of sense.